Name: Saad Saqib
Occupation: Student / IT Technician / Web Designer

Hello and Welcome to my site.
You might have got the impression that this site is about me. Well you’re spot on, so let me tell you all about it. I wanted this site to be a central hub for everything I've done and am working on (Portfolio maybe?). Lets go with the portfolio scenario, I'll be providing links to all the web sites I've worked on along with detailed descriptions and demonstrations of functionality used on those sites.

I'll also talk a little bit about myself during the process. Its not all business in my life and this is my little space on the World Wide Web. Bearing that in mind, don’t be alarmed if there are drastic changes to the site from time to time and if you see random bits and functions appearing out of the blue.

I'll leave you to have a look through the site and if you would be kind enough, please leave plenty of comments and suggestions. It would be a great help!
Thank You!